Moto g7 doesn't get Hulu's ads blocked

Blokada for Android doesn’t block ads in hulu app

  1. Where did you download Blokada from?
    Tried the version on the app store first, then downloaded it directly from this website. Filename: blokada-v5.2.0.apk

  2. Which device do you use? Do you use a custom ROM? Do you know which OS version you are using?
    Motorola moto g7, I have neither rooted nor used a custom rom. Build number QPUS30.52-16-2-5 for android version 10. Kernel version:
    #1 Fri Jul 31 00:53:29 CDT 2020”

  3. Please explain the issue as detailed as possible.
    See title
    Current settings in system settings:
    Always on VPN is on
    Block connections without VPN prevents any internet access, and is off.

Internal app settings:
Use DNS over https yes
Allow IPv6 yes

blokada/5.2.0 (android-29 full release arm64-v8a motorola river touch api compatible)

Oh yes, and how helpful you are, and how quickly you respond will be included when I update my review on the Google play store.

Update: I have switched between at least 5 different DNS servers and still the most effective way to block commercials is to use a different app for a short while and then fast forward past the commercial event. Oh, and all of the block lists are active.


All the lists are definitely too much for your device. Consider using less lists. Make sure to clear the cache of hulu as well.
Additionally: Which type of ads are you referring to? Can you provide a screenshot as an example?

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They’re video ads before and during each episode. I disabled one list and websites on my browser are now back to normal.

Video ads during or in front of a video are probably similar to YouTube ads. Here’s why you can’t to anything against that:

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It also fails to block any ads for my solitaire app, including image only ads.

Hey there:)
Did you already check this article?

It will lead you to hints like ‘try to clear the Cache of the apps you see ads in’. Please try this for solitaire app.
And for selecting host lists see this guide, please:

Please also check your system settings for ‘private DNS’ and switch it to ‘off’ (not automatic but off).

My version of the app doesn’t seem to have the ad blocking section in the menu. Any help you can give me in finding the hosts lists options?

Yes, I can:D you click ‘Advanced’ (that’s the cube at the bottom). Then you should be able to click on host lists or block lists or you directly see this (or well the ‘highlighst’) menu:

. Tada:D
Well, then you can click on the names and can select lists from these maintainers as they sometimes have different purposes (as stated in the Host list selection article^^).
Did you find the menu with these information:)?

Yeah, it’s labeled blocklists, and I was using all but the duckduckgo list already.

Oh, I think @PrintableCharacter did tell you something about that in his first post and in Host list selection article that should be mentioned as well… it’s not advised to enable all lists as first of all they are redundant and second ot can lead to issues on some devices. So, please read through the host list selection article carefully:)

Did you already try to clear Cache and deactivate private DNS:)?

I did deactivate private dns, but haven’t tried clearing the cache yet.

Okay, then let’s try that and check whether you still see ads in solitaire afterwards:)

Solitaire still gets video ads. And are you giving up on hulu altogether?

Hmm… so are any ads being blocked or is still nothing blocked at all?
Did you reduce the amount of block lists you selected?

You can try this for hulu (but only if other ads are being blocked on your phone by Blokada, otherwise we need to solve that problem first):

But iirc we already tried to figure out which hosts need to be blocked and for hulu we found that - like with YouTube - you cannot block the ads without blocking the content as well.

Some text only ads on the solitaire app are blocked. I’d rather not spend several hours playing solitaire in order to determine if all of the nonvideo ads on that app are blocked, but the video ads definitely still play.

Okay, so some ads are being blocked that is good!
What about the selection of host lists:)? Which ones are selected right now?

Well, I am currently only using the Steven black list, and I had all of them selected for a while and all but the duckduckgo list enabled until late last night.

Okay, then please enable Good bye Ads by Jerryn70 and Energized Blu as well. Clear the Cache of the apps and check whether the viedo ads are still neing dispalyed?

Done, I’ll let you know when I know.

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