Since the UI revamp blockada is terrible

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Title: blockada doesn’t block 80% of ads where as before this whole v4 UI revamp and changes it used to block everything YouTube in-game ads paywall apps walled gardens etc

To directly help you the best way possible please provide the following information:

  1. Your site
  2. Stock LG G6
  3. seems to work occasionally on WiFi but drops out randomly and doesn’t work at all on cell things it used to block get through since the terrible UI change
  4. Since you changed to v4
  5. Uninstalled purged cache updated lists jumped through hoops… in settings trying everything

Hey there,
a bunch of additional questions:

  • which version of Blokada do you use right now? v.4.6.3 is the current one.
  • is private DNS in your phone settings disabled? If not, please do disable it.
  • did you activate a DNS in Blokada?
  • did you enable Traffic Mode or Data Saver in your phone settings?
  • ads in YouTube were never blockable through Blokada. Actually it is technologically not possible. Please read this article. Jerryn70 figured out some relevant hosts, so try enabling his YouTubeblocker list in Blokada’s Host list. But be warned it has mixed results.
  • do you use Blokada with default config right now?
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