Host list selection in Blokada

You are able to select different Host lists in Blokada in the menu Ad blocking / Host lists (for Android), or Advanced Features (for iOS). Some of them serve a very specific purpose (like blocking tracking from social networks or cryptomining) some are meant for a more general usage.

Some general advice on how to select Host lists:

  • Start with the default list (Energized Blu).
  • If it’s blocking too much, go for smaller lists (Energized Spark).
  • If it’s not blocking enough, go for more comprehensive lists like Energized Basic.
  • Energized lists are mutually inclusive so no need to select two of them (example: everything in Blu is included in Basic).
  • Do not select unnecesary lists, that just uses unnecessary battery and memory.
  • Try other lists too like Jerryn70’s or Steven Black’s lists.
  • Bigger doesn’t mean better!
  • After a little bit of trial select the list/s that fit your needs.
  • Consider using a brandspecific list for your devices, if applicable. They most probably won’t break anything and will protect you from some tracking through those companies.
  • Host lists are partly contained in other lists. The image at the bottom shows the current overlap for lists used in Blokada.
  • Advanced: On Android you can add your own Host lists as well. Check for a good overview on other available lists. Always make sure that the list you select is compatible with Blokada. On iOS, this feature is not available yet.

Image shows lists contained in Blokada and their overlap

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