Best Hostlists?


I have currently activated the following host lists.

  1. StevenBlack Unified Porn
  2. Energized Blu Go
  3. Goodbye Ads by Jerryn70
  4. Social hosts file

I’m usig a Samsung Galaxy S9 at the moment.

Is there anything I can leave out or can I still optimize something there?
Coming from the Kuketz-Blog page.

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Blokada has several lists to chose. Some cover social networks, some are specific and some are general purpose. There’s no “best” one, but these are general guidelines:

  • Start with the default list (Energized Blu)
  • If it’s blocking too much, go for smaller lists (Energized Spark)
  • If it’s not blocking enough, go for more comprehensive lists like Energized Basic
  • Do not select unnecesary lists or several lists, that just uses unnecessary battery and memory
  • Try other lists too, some lists are small and very effective (like Jerryn’s Goodbye Ads or Steven Black’s list).
  • Bigger doesn’t mean better!
  • Energized lists are mutually inclusive so no need to select two of them (example: everything in Blu is included in Basic).
  • After a little bit of trial select the list/s that fit your needs.
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In other words, with which few lists do you achieve much effective block?

I can’t compare lists with one another. They all serve their purpose.
Maybe this’ll help you

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In my case that means that I have two lists in there that are identical?

StevenBlack Unified
Goodbye Ads by Jerryn70

These are the same right?

GoodbyeAds contains StevenBlack

I’ve been corrected by my wonderful colleague @c_C xD
It doesn’t contain the whole of Steven Black unified but some of it.
You can enable combinations of multiple lists to archive more blocking

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