Do we want 1hosts blocklist?

Someone brought this blocklist to my attention. What do you think guys, would you like to see it in the app? Anyone tried it?


They seem like good lists. Will the host list containing with just wild cards will work in Blokada like this one?

Yes I believe those kind of wildcards are already supported, but I actually haven’t tried this list yet, we will have to see. Good idea though!


Generally a good idea.
I’d like to bring two points to your attention:
First thing: it makes Facebook unusable. The site describes which domains need to be allowed to work again, but who of our users is going to check the repo of a list they subscribe to?
Second thing: the repo doesn’t mention, which Host lists are included in that Host list, but I assume, that these 100,000 domains are not all collected by badmojr, but also a collection of list merged together with some unique hosts. (Especially, as Ador seems to be involved as well.) I’d like this to be verified first.

Edit: Edited ‘not a bad idea’ to ‘a good idea’


Hi Everyone!! I wanna try 1hosts in Blokada but I am confused to use which file. Shoud I use hosts.txt or domains.txt or wildcards.txt or adblock.txt?

Thanks in advance :smile:

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Hosts should do :slight_smile:

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