Blokada 5 suggested settings

Hello. I upgraded Blokada from 4.8 to 5.1 and then to 5.2.
What are the suggested settings for general and daily use?
For example, my actual settings are:
Blocklists: Energized Blu
Apps: none
Encryption: DNS Cloudflare [DoH]
Use DNS over HTTPS: Yes
Allow IPv6: Yes
In particular, are blocklists and DNS suitable for general use?
Will you add default/suggested settings (without deleting app data)?
Thank you :wink:

Hey there:)
Those settings sound very good already.
Generally it depends on what you want to achieve with Blokada. Check the replys to this post for some ideas on what you could change for specific use cases:

For the selection of host lists in Blokada check this article:

Host lists and DNS are meant to be used settings, yes. You can experiment with DNS based on privacy or speed. Depends what you want to focus on;)

I am sorry, I don’t get the second question? There are already default settings used, usually you just need to tap the big button and everything will work (with default settings:))

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When I went from 4.8 to 5.1, no blocklist was selected. I manually selected Energized Blu.

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Ahh, now I get it:D yes, that is because Energized Blu is baked into the app by default and will get used until another list will be selected:)

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Hey there @Stefano any more questions from your side:)?

No, I have no other questions. Thank you :wink:

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