Blokada configuration posts - yes, please!

We are interested in your configuration of Blokada and what you use Blokada for!

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

We’d like to know, which overall configuration in Blokada works best for you. Please share your experiences with us:)
Do you use Blokada with something different than default settings?

  • On which device do you use Blokada?
  • Why do you do so?
  • How does this help you to achieve the goal (increased privacy, blocking ads, blocking malware …) for which you use Blokada for?
  • Could a specific feature help you achieve this goal better?

If you use Blokada with default settings:

  • On which device do you use Blokada?
  • Why do you use default settings?
  • Any wishes from your side for other default settings?

Please, make it a new topic. These topics can be very short or very long, however you prefer:) Last but not least: Be sure to post the link to your topic in the comments of this post!

Thanks to all of you who participate in this little project:)

Your Blokada Team :slight_smile:


@ashubuntu wrote an awesome article about his configuration:

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Yeah @ashubuntu is adding really helpful content:

Thank you very much:)

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