Blokada configuration to block social media and ads

Hi everyone,
If you want to block all kinds of social media domains and related ads, this can be achieved using a host list.

I use the Social host file by Energized. This Host list is already available in the Blokada’s Host lists menu by default. This host list efficiently blocks all social media websites and apps.

The only caveat is it might block an social media app/website that you might need e.g. for me it blocked LinkedIn. Here the mighty Blokada comes to our rescue, you can manually allow the domains you want to unblock.
If you don’t know how to perform the above action, below are the two methods to do it.

Method 1:

  1. Open the social media app/website you want to work properly.
  2. Open the host log in the Blokada app and check the last blocked domains, usually the domain contains the name of the app, for example, (For your convenience you can also enable App settings / Notifications. This will show the last blocked domain in the status menu and you can directly allow it from that notification.)
  3. Tap on the entry and then tap allow.
  4. Open the app/website again and keep adding domains using the above procedure until it works properly.

Method 2:

  1. Open the Blokada app.
  2. Tap Ad blocking
  3. Tap the Allowed Hosts icon.
  4. Tap the Add a new host to the allowed list icon.
  5. Enter
  6. Press the SAVE button.

Now you can use the particular website/app.

Thank you @c_C for suggesting the edits :pray:

P.S: I am looking for a DNS that also provide a similar service if you happen to know any feel free to comment below.


Shall we start a collection of domains that need to be allowed for specific services to work? @murdock86 had this idea and I quite like it.


Yes, I like the idea as well. How are we starting? Let me know at your convenience.

You said, you are using Linkedin, right:)?
Then simply reply to this post with the domains you allowed (which should all be present in allowed domains), listed below each other. I recommend to inline them as code, so noone clicks them by accident. To do this in the editor select </>, or mark the text and type ctrl+shift+c

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Here is the list of domains app/website wise which needs to be allowed.

1. LinkedIn

1.1 LinkedIn app

1.2 LinkedIn website

2. Whatsapp

2.1 Whatsapp Web
2.2 Whatsapp app

3. Twitter website

4. Reddit

4.1 New Reddit:
4.2 Additionally for old Reddit:

5. Skype app

6. Facebook

If still, a particular function is not working on your phone try adding more domains.

We will be adding more domains for other social apps/sites in the future.


Just copy-past the stuff into your comment: for me as well.

4.1. New Reddit:
4.2. Additionally for old Reddit:


could you make reddit a block code as well:)? I was too focused on each single domain to understand that one could block-code-comment it xD

I was thinking about that. Done :+1:

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I think it doesn’t look good as solution on top of the post… but that’s the only possibility to pin comments:/
on the other hand… let me just delete the comment above, they don’t seem to be of interests any longer:)

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Thanks for the list with the domains. I think there’s a typo for LinkedIn:

Shouldn’t this be the following:


Yes, thank you.

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