Blokada for Android domain not resolved issue

Samsung Galaxy S10e, Android 10 stock.

Blokada 4.8.3

I am using an app that will not function because it detects Blokada (not specifically, just a global ad blocker). I think this is because it contacts “”, which is being bloked. Blokada reports that for “a_admob_com” (“a_admob_com” is being used in place of “” because I am hitting the new user limit on links in a post) the “domain not resolved” and doesn’t offer to white list it. It is my belief, which could very well be incorrect, that “a_admob_com” does not exist, but the app is using this as a test for an ad blocker. I manually added “a_admob_com” to the white list, but it still gets blocked. I realize I could exclude the app, but I’d perfer to get the ad blocking working if possible. Is there any way to accomplish this?

Hey there and welcome to the forum:)
You will need to add both domains with www. in front of the domain and without to the allowed hosts. Does it work then?
(Btw, you can inline the domains as code, so it doesn’t count as domain afaik:))

Thanks for your reply. I think you may have been somewhat confused by my post, which is understandable. I am only trying to allow, not a_admob_com also (I used the underscores because this forum was preventing me from using periods more than twice). In any event, as you suggested, I added to the whitelist, as well as Blokada still shows being blocked and the app still detects an ad blocker.

You say that I can inline the domains as code, so it doesn’t count as domain. Sorry, but I do not understand what this means or if it would be a method of accomplishing what I am trying to achieve.

Ah, okay, yeah I didn’t get that.
Did you enable Smart list or CNAMES blocking in Blokada?

Thanks for your reply. I have CNAMES blocking enabled, but I had an issue the last time I tried enabling smart list (nothing was being filtered per the stats). I have enabled smart list again and don’t seem to be having that issue, but with both of these enabled, is still being blocked. is never mentioned in the host log. (Both and are white listed, as you suggested.)

Okay, well there unfortunately is not yet an article on CNAME blocking (shame on me, but I am working on it). The article would inform you that if you enable this switch some domains are going to be checked against if they are only aliases for another domain, which should be blocked. Probably the domain is an alias for another domain that should be blocked. So please check the host log again for another domain that could be the requested instead of The description of the blocked CNAME will look differently:)
Now if that is the case, you got two possibilities:
a) allow the CNAME as well (-> this might lead to more ads - but you can check that:))
b) disable CNAME blocking again.

Thanks again for your repky c_C!

I again found that enabling the smart list setting seems to disable ad blocking on my phone. From reading the description, it’ may be the this is to be expected for a while, until it starts functioning as intended, but I haven’t had issues with it disabled so I have disabled it again.

I spent several hours today experimenting with clearing the log and running the app, whitelisting or blacklisting hosts as seemed appropriate. I turned off CNAME blocking per your last post. I found three obvious ad or tracker hosts that, if blocked, would trip the ad block detection if they were accessed by the app. If they were whitelisted, ads would be displayed. I am unsure now how comes into it, but I have only ever seen that accessed by this app (and being blocked). Something that confuses me is that I found an access from another app to (being blocked by one of the block lists), which I believe is also an unresolved domain, the same as, but Blokada WILL allow me to whitelist that. In any event, I don’t really use the app in question that often, and have burnt myself out on working on this, so I have excluded the app.

There are a couple of other issues I’d like to mention though. In all my experimentation, I found that it is very easy he end up with a host being both blacklisted and whitelisted at the same time. I am unsure which takes priority. I think this is caused when, for example, I whitelist a host in the host log that has already been manually blacklisted, so it then gets whitelisted, but not removed from the blacklist (which I would expect to happen).

The second issue is specifically related to Samsung phones to my knowledge. It was a known issue that when a VPN was used, Samsung One UI would add a persistent, non-removable notification of that VPN being in use. Therefore, whenever I was using Blokada, there was a notification showing me it was active. I received system software update on my phone today including an update to One UI and discovered that it no longer issues a notification when VPN is active. For other VPNs this is fine, because they issue their own notification when they are active and remove it when they are inactive. However, the only persistent notification that Blokada issues is the ‘keep alive’ notification, if enabled. The problem is that if Blokada is disabled, the ‘keep alive’ notification remains, so it can’t be told from the status bar if Blokada is disabled. It would be nice if this could somehow be addressed, so it would be easy to tell from the status bar when Blokada is or isn’t active.

By the way, I just want to mention that I love Blokada and recommend it to people all the time. It is even better than AdAway was on my rooted phone. Apart from the Play Store issue, I am amazed that more people don’t use it.

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Yes, Smart list may be disabled without creating a problem for ad blocking.

Okay, thanks for your detailed report.

Yes there are issues for this on GH… allow list has priority there. I think in v5 this shouldn’t be possible. Thank you very much for feedbacking this nevertheless!

You can enable Always-on-VPN in your system sertings. There will be a notification if Blokada gets disconnected:) does that do what you want it to do:)?

Thank you very much for your feedback and contribution through spreading the word! This is a big help for us:)!

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