How to manually block domains in Blokada

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You have probably already installed Blokada and for most apps everything is working fantastic - except for that one app. There, ads are just not being blocked. What an annoyance. The following guide aims at helping you find the domains that serve these ads and effectively block them.

For the following steps split-screen mode could be a helpful feature.

Now. Let’s start.

  1. Force-stop the app you see ads in. Afterwards clear the Cache of that app (see image one and two) .
  2. Open Blokada. Tap the three lines at the bottom (refered to as ‘Hamburger’ in the following). Go to the menu Ad blocking / Host log. Tap 'Clear Host log '.
  3. Open the app you see ads in. (Use Splitscreen mode for the app and Blokada’s Host log.)
  4. Check Blokada’s Host log . Which allowed domains got requested that might be serving ads? If you are uncertain feel free to ask the community for assistance. Choose one domain (or more if you are more experienced). Tap on the entry in the Host log. Tap ‘block(see image three) .
  5. Reboot your device.
  6. Force-stop the app you see ads in and clear its Cache (see images one and two) . Open the app. Check whether you still see ads in the app.

=> If you still see ads - check the Host log again. Block the next domain and loop the steps from 4 to 6 until you don’t see any ads anymore.

=> If some features of the app stop working - tap the Hamburger / Ad blocking / Blocked Hosts sections. Tap on the domain you just added and remove it again. Reboot your device. It should be working again. Now start over from step 1.

=> If there are no more domains to be blocked but you still see ads or lose some of your apps features: sadly this app seems to be serving ads with the same domains it serves it’s content from. Unfortunately Blokada can’t block ads in this app.

If you encounter any problems feel free to comment below this article or write a post in our Support section.

If you use the Smartlist feature turn it ‘off’ during this process. Turn it back on afterwards. The ads will be blocked starting 4 o’clock at night.

Image 1 - picture for Step one (and six)

Image 2 - picture for Step one (and six)

Image 3 - picture for Step four

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Very informative video @c_C.

Yes, it was @Sebastian’s work! I really appreciate the video as well:)