Blokada for Android does not block video ads in MS Solitaire

  1. Blokada downloaded from
  2. Xiaomi Mi Note 10. MIUI 12 beta (Android 10,
  3. In-game ads are blocked, but video ads appear ‘in between games’. I cleared the cache in the game but it didn’t help

Sorry for the late reply. I’ve seem to have missed this thread.
Video adverts are rather hard to block properly since they might be served by the same platform that serves the game. Blocking that would result in blocking the entire game. You can try playing with different blacklists and see whether or not that works. If not you can additionally check the hosts log for allowed domains and block them manually until the apps disappear.
Unluckily there’s no easy solution here :slight_smile:


did you find time to try out @PrintableCharacter’s advises already:)?

Edit: check this guide if you are on v4: