WiFi connection with Android Auto Wireless

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Anyone having issues with Android Auto Wireless? Since reinstalling my Kenwood DDX9905s in my pickup I have been unable to stay connected to Android Auto via wifi for more than a few seconds. This morning I discovered the culprit is Blokada. When Blokada is off AA works normally but, once restarted the wifi connection is dropped. I’m using the AdGuard setting in DNS.

So where did you download Blokada from:)?

Edit: If you downloaded it from the Google Play Store, I recommend to uninstall the version and install the full version from blokada.org (check this article for a longer description)

Android Auto Wireless sounds like an app. Could you try to set the status of this app to ‘bypassed’ in Blokada in the menu Apps / probably Installed apps? Reboot your device afterwards. Does it work again afterwards?

Apologies for not responding sooner. I think I’m using the version from the website. Anyway, that’s what I did, I was playing with the settings and I found where I could bypass apps. (didn’t see that setting the first time I looked). I bypassed android auto and everything is working fine now. Thank you.

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Don’t worry about that:)!
Awesome, that’s very good to hear. Great, that you even found it on your own:D Thank you for responding again!
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