If Blokada is activ gboards speech recognition hangs while initialization


I use Android. I use Blokada more than a year. I use it only outside by enabling it manually. I use Gbaord since 2 or 3 years. Everything works fine.

But, since two weeks or so, Gboard (the google keyboard) does not work anymore in the part “speech recognition” if blokada is activated.

Gbaords speech recognition hangs while initialization.

What is going on? I test some things with allowed hosts, but it does not work. I think Gboard itself checks it Blokada is activ and blocks.

Do you have a solution?



Where did you download blokada from?
If it’s the F-droid.org or Blokada.org version: Which blacklists did you enable? :slight_smile:

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thanks for your answer.

I used at first Blokada from blokada.org, but than switched (I think one year ago) to f-droid app because of easy updates.

I use the version blokada/4.6.4 (android-26 community release amd64-v8a samsung-hero2lte touch api compatible).

I do not use “DNS” and “Blokada Tunnel” parts of blokada.

I use only one blacklist: “Energized Blu (empfohlen)” . And I have updated the lists today.

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The easiest solution would be to whitelist the Gboard Application within Blokada but if you want to try some further digging, feel free to start Blokada and look at the host log. Try to use the keyboard speech recognition and check whether new blocked domains popped up on the host log. Whitelist some entries and blacklist them again until the application works as expected :slight_smile:

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Hi friends from blokada, you are awesome!

I whitelist the Gboard Application and all works well. Thanks.


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Hello there:)

If you decide to bypass (“umleiten” in german) the app, don’t forget to reboot your device so that the setting will be set.

Here is a little guide for manually allowing the correct domains:)
If you want you can share screenshots of your Hostlog here and we’ll search for the hosts together.


good hint.

To check the log and find the hosts is really the better solution as allowing der app completely. And I will do check the log. But not today.

For the moment I have to think about all the options within blokada, I do not know before. Just today in the morning, before asking here, I think it works this way: Googles gboard internally checks (hardcoded) if blokada is installed and active and then disables part “speech recognition” internally. It is good, that I now know, that it is not this way, hopefully.



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Good to hear that.
Enjoy your day :grinning: