Suspect battery drain with update 22.3.7

Has anyone noticed any battery drain with 22.3.7 (Android)?
My Blackview BV8800 seems to be draining much quicker since the last update.
Log can be shared if required.

Yes please do, can you confirm that it’s still occurring with 22.4.1?
Edit: User reported the issue got fixed with the update

Will do. Just retrieving the log now.
I have also just had another connectivity issue, as reported.
Reinstalling has now actually cured the subscription notification now.

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Is everything working as expected now? :smiley:

Everything seems to be working OK on my phone’s now.
Although I noticed my Acer tab had disconnected from the VPN the other day. I’ll keep a beady eye on that and see how things go.

Thanks :grin: