Battery optimization for ZTE Axon 7

I saw some advice strewn about in the community about how one should disable battery optimization in the phone settings to get better battery life from blokada. On mine, it suggests the opposite when I go to settings, saying that by disabling optimization, the battery life will likely drain. My phone is an abomination. In other words, it’s rooted and running Android 8 with Viper OS. I’m not adept at tech, so be gentle. I may have misunderstood something along the way. Thanks.

Are you also getting this warning with Blokada 5? Or only 4?

I have Blokada 4. It’s actually my phone that is giving the warning.

Try the 5 and see if it’s also getting the warning please.

I’ll let you know as soon as I can.


Hey there:)
how does it look like? Are you getting a battery consumption warning with v5 as well:)?