Version 5.2 consume too much power

I have purchase blokada ver 5.2 complete with the VPN service and i am using Huawei P40 Pro without GMS… the phone keep prompting me that Blokada consumes too much power… Any workaround?

I have deleted version 5.2 and using version 4 for now…

Most android phones estimate battery usage. They do not measure it.
You can use betterbatterystats to actually measure it and check for additional information.

Same issue here. But the 5.2-Version sucks battery really fast. After one full load at 6 in the morning the battery is at 3pm by nearly 20%. And i didn’t need the fone much. With Version 4 the battery stayed all the day.

Try a non DoH DNS server please

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The hint u gave me works. I’ve tested it now for 2 days. Blokada doesn’t cosume so much battery like before. Do u have any explanation why the DoH-Server drains the battery so much?


Thanks for your feedback. Keep us updated. We are not sure yet what is causing the drain, but we are investigating, and today’s beta release will have some work done for that.

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