Serious battery drain in VPN mode- Blokada Slim

While Slim is active, my devices (Android 10 tablet and phone) drain dramatically faster. The issue started after updating to Blokada 5. I downloaded it from the Play store. It does not seem to matter if I’m using cellular or wifi data.

When I say “dramatic”, I mean that I can leave a full charged device on my desk for 3 hours and come back to 60% battery. In the 10 minutes or so since I turned Blokada on today I’ve dropped 3%. Normally, I can browse and use my device normally and lose 3% in an hour, so this is approximately 6 times the battery load.

Just out of curiosity, but why do you use the Slim version instead of the full adblocking ready version from

Do u use a DNS? If yes, then try a non-DOH-DNS. It worked for me.

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