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Hi. I am using Blokada 5. Free version on a Samsung A53. My system are telling me to close down Blokada 5 as this app use a lit of power when running in background.
I cant find anything on the net shiwing how to solve it. SAMSUNG are running android. No change made to the application at all. All settings are default. Downliaded from your home page

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The battery consumption of Blokada depends on several factors, for example, the number of enabled lists and the update frequency. This happens each time you download/update lists. That costs battery, network, and memory usage. Especially if you use many lists or very large lists.

You want to try to reduce the number of Blocklists you’re using.

This may be a usual behavior of your system which simply informs you about any app operating in the background. This is known to many manufacturers like Huawei

I’d recommend disabling battery optimisation for Blokada to prevent such a message from coming up again:

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Thank you

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