Long article about battery

This article informs you about everything related to Blokada and battery.

  • The battery consumption of Blokada depends on several factors, for example the number of enabled lists and the update frequency. Blokada will put all lists in memory, unify them, discard duplicate entries and you remain with unique records. This happens each time you download/update lists. That costs battery, network and memory usage. Especially if you use many lists, or very large lists. That’s one reason why we always recommend to be careful with the number of lists. (See this article for more information)

  • It is also influenced by the update frequency. If you update every day, Blokada does the priorly described every day. That obviously also increases battery usage.

  • The consumption is shown in percent in Android. But as that is a relative number you have to see the real consumption in mAh (milliamperes per hour). A normal consumption is between 30mAh and a bit more than 100mAh depending on the configuration of Blokada.

  • It is also possible that Android is misallocating battery usage. This is a known problem not only with Blokada but in all ad blockers, that use the same operating principle. The Adguard team put a good article in their knowledge base about this. You can read it here.

  • Your system alerts you about a high battery usage by Blokada? This may be a usual behavior of your system which simply informs you about any app operating in the background. This is known for many manufacturers (e.g. Huawei). We recommend disabling battery control and/or battery optimization for Blokada.

  • A possible case of real battery overuse is if your system is shutting down Blokada in the background. Blokada, by its mode of operation will try to reactivate. If the system continues to close the app in the background it will start a loop that actually can cause excessive use of battery. We recommend reviewing your systems settinings to ensure that Blokada is allowed to run in the background and to excluded Blokada from battery optimization. Check this post for more information about this.