Battery Drain on Blokada 5 23.1.0

Since updating to Blokada 5 23.1.0 I have noticed the Blokada is the app with the highest battery consumption, monitoring with GSam Battery Monitor. 50% greater than Android System and 75% greater than Phone Services.

This is leaving me with about 35% battery after 5 hours of unplugging the phone, with minimal to moderate screen on time.

I too was having Blokada stop/close connection with no notification that the connection had been lost and didn’t auto-connect again, so I followed the procedure to remove the Always On VPN in Settings, restarted Blokada, and create a new Always On VPN connection.

I am hoping that this was the issue and that my battery usage for Blokada will go down now.

Hi, thanks for posting.

May I ask how many Blocklists are you currently using?

Also, what are the apps that you use regularly? I am asking this because video games are usually the cause of the battery drain.

Even if you are not playing and they are still running in the background, they contain many trackers that drain your battery.

Samsung S10, 8Gb Memory, 128Gb Storage

I am currently using 4 Blocklists, Steven Black, Exodus Privacy, Developer Dan’s Hosts and d3Host. Please let me know if I should remove any of these lists.

The only game I have on my phone is Solitaire, so it’s definitely not due to gaming.

I am also using Greenify to hibernate almost all apps that I don’t use regularly.

The apps that I use the most are Teams, BlueMail, Informant Calendar, DuckDuckGo, Google Play Store, Frost (Facebook) and Whatsapp.

GSam is reporting my battery usage as 21% Screen, 3% Phone Radio, 2% Held Awake, 1% Bluetooth. Opening the Applications section it’s saying 68.4% of the battery was consumed by apps, Blokada 5 18.1%, Phone Services 13.1%, Android System 11.5%, Kernel, 3.4%, then all other apps are less than 2.5%.

this is an answer by @PrintableCharacter , which seems to have helped.

Other than that, you could try Blokada 6 for no battery consumption at all, there is 7 days free trial where you can compare it to Blokada 5 and see if it’s worth it.

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