Blokada 5.1.0 battery and start on reboot

Since installing official Blokada 5.1.0 the smartphone has started to drain the battery very quickly.
Also, Blokada does not start on reboot. There is no Always-on-vpn option on the system.
Huawei P Smart 2018 with EMUI 9.1

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I’m ignorant on the subject, but can the battery drain be caused by dns over https?

Stefano… I am not an expert either, however, I use DNS over HTTPS on both my phone and tablet. Neither has any appreciable change in battery use compared to when I used 4.7.3 (no DNS over HTTPS).

it is possible that the battery life decreased due to Blokada getting stopped in the background all the time.
Refer to for possible solutions.

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We’ll need a log from you.

Since yesterday I have removed the DoH and visibly the smartphone seems to consume less battery. For now I try to use it this way, until the next Blokada update.

But we don’t know the exact issue if you don’t share a log with us. So how should we fix it with an update ?


I have now sent the log to
Thank you :wink:

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Have you seen my log file of Blokada 5.1.0? There is something weird?
What about start on boot (Huawei doesn’t have the always-on-vpn option)?

All logs sent to the email address you mentioned are being analysed. If you haven’t received a reply email yet, please stay tuned.


I’m having the same issue. I’m too using Huawei device & Blockada 5.1.0 consumes too much battery.

EDIT: Always on vpn works and it also starts on reboot. It’s the high battery consumption that’s causing me trouble.


May I ask how much battery (mAh) does Blokada use on your device and which tool did you use to narrow down the battery usage to Blokada? Could you attach a few screenshots about this usage?

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Hello thanks for writing back! I’m afraid i don’t have a single answer to the question “How much mAh does Blokada uses”. Because it keeps on fluctuating, usually in an increasing manner. I used the default system tool to measure the usage.

Here are the screenshots i just took in the intervals of ~5 minutes.

It seems to me that huawei is just estimating the battery consumption. Consider using betterbatterystats instead

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With Blokada 5.2 the battery consumption seems to be back to normal.
The startup problem remains, because the always-on-vpn option doesn’t exist on my Huawei.

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Hi, following the said gentleman’s advice @Stefano , I upgraded my Blockada to version 5.2.0 & it seems to have fixed my problem.


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