Battery drain. Huawei P20 Pro

New user, product appears to work ok.

Stock android. 10.

Battery drain excessive and reported as such by app. Am guessing that with NO use of mobile Blokada will reduce battery life by 30-50%. It appears to hammer the battery.

Any suggestions?

Are you using more Hosts than the default Energized Blu? You could also enable Smart List in the hopes of conserving some battery life.

Let me 2x check.
I think I’ve exaggerated.
Its definitely NOT 50 %.
But capacity was dropping fast and you’re the only new app.
DNS66 has gone and I’m not routed so adaway was no go.

If you have many video game apps and notice many blocked connection in your host log that may be the cause. Android games tend to have between 20-30 trackers each, phoning home several times per minute.

You could uninstall some unnecesary apps and use Blu or Spark as your default host list.

The measurements of android itself are incorrect on a lot of devices. They estimate battery drain instead of measuring it. They do so by checking the uptime of an app and, since Blokada is supposed to always be running, allocate the most drain to Blokada which is entirely incorrect. To measure the actual drain I’d recommend you to check out Betterbatterystats
Additionally you need to make sure that Blokada doesn’t get killed by your system. Why? Because it will try to restart over and over again which will lead to an increased battery consumption. Check the guides and for more information regarding that.

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