Slow Gateway speed

While I agree there could be more gateways, I think Blokada should choose better providers.
Currently the only usable gateway for me is the one from Stockholm, which is provided by Obenetwork AB.
I would rather use either the Paris or Frankfurt gateways but they are provided by M247. That provider presents two problems:

  • Lately I’ve been getting speeds of around 1Mb/s, sometimes even less.
  • Some sites and services outright ban IPs from M247. For example, I can’t connect to my usual IRC server or comment on some boards.

I’m more than happy with the Swedish gateway but I would like one closer to my country. Just wouldn’t use one from M247 even if it was in my country.


Thank you for your feedback.

If you don’t mind, could you leave your ISP IP to me in private? So that we can check if there are any particular bottlenecks in the routing to you.

We will consider mixing operators a bit more while growing the network.

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Thanks, already replied via private.
The VPN speed immediately increases from 1Mb/s to about 8-10Mb/s when I change gateways in Blokada Plus. It’s not always easy to replicate but the Swedish provider is much more stable.

Right now I’m getting almost 15Mbps from a speed test based in Sweden while using the Stockholm gateway. I’m using the LibreSpeed app.
When changing to the Frankfurt gateway I’m getting a significant decrease in speed, 5Mbps measured from a speed test based in Frankfurt. It’s not bad right now but last month it was unbearably slow to open any website most of the time.

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Small update.

We’ll launch a new gateway with Obenetwork in Amsterdam in a couple of weeks, I hope this helps you a little bit.
I’m still waiting for a traceroute from you in private to see if we can do anything about your speed with M247.

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