More gateways please!

Hi, I love blokada, been using it for a couple of years maybe, I bought blokada plus a long time ago but the lack of gateways is a problem for me, I live in Norway and lot of services I use are tied to Norwegian IP’s. Every time I need to use them I have to disconnect the service, it’s a pain, Stockholm is the closest to me and I get amazing speeds but unfortunately I keep having this recurring issue.

Please add more gateways, I don’t think you have added any in a year.


Thanks to people like you who support Blokada by using the Plus service and are leaving feedback, we can continue expanding the list of gateways.

Notice that the Blokada Plus service is only slightly more than a year old, we’re continously adding new gateways in strategic locations as the number of supporters grow. All gateways are high performance dedicated servers as we want to have the best possible quality of the service, these doesn’t come cheap.
We take it step by step so that we can continue to be independent from any investors or other 3rd parties.

We’re also exploring various options to support popular streaming services while still being connected to the gateway, there will be updates about this soon.
Perhaps we could also have a more convenient way to toggle Blokada Plus on/off? Which device are you using? Let us know.

Thanks again for your support!


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