How do I get optimized connection speed?

I am using the official channel version on XiaoMi Poco F3 Android 11 on rom version 21.9.17

I have not used Blokada for about 2 months as I signed up for a VPN service, 2 days ago it expired so I thought I would try Blokada again. And amazingly it worked well, no delay in connection and the adblocking seem non intrusive to my web surfing. Then I signed up for Blokada Plus, which I could choose servers depending on geographical location which normal users are not able to. However, despite picking the 3 nearest Asia servers to me (Japan, Australia, Dubai) they all really slowed my ping massively from 10s to 200s sometimes 300s. I think there is more details you have to let users know to be able to choose which is more optimal for them. So what do I do now? It happened to me before, I did not get any reply in my thread post. Now I’m just the 2nd day into my subscription only and I am feeling regret already.

Hello Dar!

Sorry you didn’t get a reply, please note that as a Blokada Plus user you can also get priority support by using the support link in the app or e-mailing This way you will have a reply guaranteed.

I’m pleased to announce we will launch a new location in the coming days: Singapore.
This location is a strategic location to increase our coverage in Asia, it should boost your connection significantly :slight_smile:

I was not posting it here, I posted in the newbie section if I’m not mistaken. I was suggesting a server exactly, Singapore is just right next to me and I’ve never had problem using Singaporean servers both in NordVPN and ProtonVPN, I’m hoping for the best and soon available for use.

I was connected on a free account and the speed was so much difference, does a free user gets the VPN connection? Or just for Plus users?

However, what about dns servers? Or I just use BlokadaDNS as suggested?

There is quite a delay when using the Blokada quick tiles, it takes around 3-4 seconds to activate and vice versa. I will try and provide the ram usage details in a day or two.


I’m happy to announce Singapore is now available, I hope this improves the latency for you :slight_smile:

It’s a service for Plus users.

Yes you can leave defaults as they are.

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