Signal and Proton Mail notifications blocked

I downloaded from The Aurora Store on my Samsung Galaxy S9 about 2 months ago.

I am having an issue with notifications from several of my more secure apps not coming through while using Blokada. Signal and Proton Mail are the two apps that I am most annoyed by though.

I have tried disconnecting the ad blocker, DNS and Tunnel and it doesn’t matter what is or isn’t connected, they don’t come through as long as Blokada is avtive. The only time these notifications come through is when my phone is switching between Wifi and celactive. When this happens I get a slough of old notifications all at once from these apps.

Is there something I could turn off or do to allow these notifications?

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The Blokada version available on the Google Play store is Blokada Slim. The DNS server does the adblocking there and you’ve no influence on how and what it is blocking whatsoever.
But: There is a solution. Delete your current Blokada Slim version and download blokada from our website or Fdroid. You can choose between blacklists there

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I did this and there was no change. My boyfriend also uses Blokada and downloaded it from FDroid to begin with and has the same problem.

Okay. Then we’ll have to do some digging or you just whitelist these applications :).
If you’re interested in some digging check out this article.
Let me know if you need any further assistance :slight_smile:

I’m pretty tech savy myself so did my research and tried everything I could before coming here. I have them whitelisted already, I guess I assumed that was the first thing I should try. I have also tried both the Smart List and Advanced adblocking rules, as well as different DNS servers.

It is an issue larger than that. I’ve been trying to see what protocol these notification go over that might be blocked, but haven’t had any luck finding a way to get around it that way. These notifications come through when I switch between mobile data and wifi. What would cause the notifications to come through at that time and not others?

Have you tried different blacklists?
It is possible that the preset Energized Blu blocks exactly the necessary domains.

Hey there:)
did you already have time to check for your Host lists:)?

Yes, I have gone through and tried almost all of them. It is odd, some of lists will work at first, letting notifications through, but a few hours later the notifications are blocked again. I’ve been trying to play with different lists to see if I can find a pattern, but no luck yet. So far none of the lists have kept the notifications coming through.

It is really strange… are the applications allowed to operate in the background? could they maybe be killed by your system in the pursuit of saving energy?
Are you on Android 9 or 10 right now?
I bypassed Signal in Blokada’s Installed Apps menu, as I had problems with the… calls I think… and that made it work again:)

I’m on Android 10. Yes, the apps are allowed to run in the background, and I have them bypassing Blokada. I can send and receive messages just fine, and I receive notifications from most people now that I’m using the DuckDuckgo Host List.

Unfortunately, I still don’t get notifications when I get a message from another Signal users though. So it’s better, but it’s really inconvenient that I never get notified when my significant other texts me. I have to go into Signal to see if I have any messages from him.

It is possible that you might need to bypass Google play services as well since that serves a ton of notifications

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