Not receiving notifications and adblocking isn't working

I’m not receiving notifications (from any apps) or ad-blocking on my LG Stylo 5 and 6. The Stylo 5 is on Android 9 and the six is on Android 10. I downloaded Blokada from it’s official website
I’m not receiving any notifications from any apps such as discord vanced YouTube and even Blokada it’s self. It started when everyone was having connection issues, so I waited until I update was out to make a post. But even with the update it still hasn’t fixed my problem. It’s not blocking ads from mobile games or browser ads.
I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, switched DNS (right now it’s on cloudfare), restarted my phones, and changed around my blocklists. None of those worked.

Edit: I forgot to mention that ever since the update I’ve been getting notifications but I’ve been receiving ads so it’s like Blokada isn’t even on.

Please check your system settings for private dns settings.
If you find something make sure to set it to off and not to automatic or something like that

Hello thank you for the reply. I did find the setting you were talking about and put it to off and it didn’t fix my problem ( I’ve already restarted my phone and tried). Even though it didn’t work tysm for trying.

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