Day 14 of no service since update (blocked notification)

Two weeks ago Blokada rolled out an update that wasnt ready for android/samsung users. Over a week ago we were told an update would be released soon so that we could have service restored. Blokada has acknowledged that the update grays out the ability to enable notifications and that the vpn and ad blocker do not work as a result. However, they are yet to release a fix. The google play store still reflects the busted version from September 29 as the last update.

Is Blokada no longer supporting galaxy devices? Is the expectation that we just wait indefinitely? Do we contact our credit card provider and see if American Express can get a resolution?

Hey Chris,

Sorry I missed this, we’ve released a new version (22.3.9) and it solved the issue of the notification.

It should be available for download soon.

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Let’s continue the discussion of this issue here: