Please help: Blokada account suddenly stopped working

I have a support ticket in flight but 4 hours in and I have no progress.

Overnight, suddenly my Blokada account has stopped working. I am unable to view the 5 VPN devices attached to the Cloud account. The control panel says I have 5 connected, but when I try view or edit them it just shows a spinning circle and when I refresh again says “no data”.

My 2 Windows Wireguard Cloud VPN tunnels are both dead. I am unable to remove devices to start again, and the replies I am getting from customer support are unhelpful.

Can someone please help? I have lost half a day now.

So it seems the London location has vanished from Blokada?

Please check this announecement

Seems this unavailable gateway took down the entire Blokada control panel within the account: hopefully you can get in a fix in so this doesn’t happen in future? Because of this I was unable to quickly view and delete devices and choose a working gateway.

Yes there was a bug isolated to the web dashboard that prevented you from listing your VPN devices and managing them.
It has been fixed

OK that’s good news, thanks for that. I will await the London gateway being restored as it’s a must for me to use your service.

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Sorry for the trouble, we’re working as fast as we can to resolve the issue :technologist:

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I am sure you are :slight_smile: Appreciate it.

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