[Resolved] London Gateaway is Down

Please be advised our London gateway is currently unavailable, and we are still not certain how long this will last.

We’re working to bring back the service as soon as possible. Please connect to a different location in the meantime.

Thank you for understanding.

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London’s gateaway is back up! :tada: :tada:

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Is this gateway down again?

I can’t get a connection again guys :frowning: :frowning:

It works for me.
You might want to try again. If that doesn’t work: Feel free to share a log with me. :slight_smile:

There were two periods of outage: verified by successful internet without London tunnel.

Not had a single problem with your service for well over 12 months, then two blips in 3 days, so I thought it prudent to flag it with you.

We didn’t have any reports about issues with London Tunnel yesterday, I was using it myself and it was working fine for me. Can you share the log at hello@blokada.org and I’ll take a look.