Netflix Germany offline and bypass App does not work

  1. Downloaded blokada from
    Blokada Plus account Ver. 5.13.0
    VPN always on
  2. Android-29 full release arm64-v8a Xiaomi surya touch api compatible
  3. Issue: If i start netflix and blokada is on, netflix does no longer connect to internet. I have to swith blokada off to get netflix to work. Netflix is a bypassed App, but this seem to have no effect. I am a german user and connected with blokada to Frankfurt (Germany).
  4. This is happens with 5.13.0 the first time. Before that, netflix connected to internet but did not play a movie.
  5. I tried to whitelist some of the blocked urls with no result. The only thing which helped was to disable blokada. The chat bot of blokada told me, that netflix works for US, but this did not help me.


Could you also try while configuring Blokada as your DNS in the Blokada app?

I can not change DNS inside Blokada 5.13.0 on android.
Android DNS settings are “Off”.

In recent post I’ve read that DNS vanished from Blokada settings. Is this correct for 5.13.0, too?

Advanced → Networks → All networks → DNS

Thank you, Karol

(I still have to get used to Blokada.)

Unfortunately Netflix with DNS Blokada in version 5.13.0 also does not work in Germany via the server Frankfurt and Netflix app with or without bypass mode in Blokada.

Error message from Netflix on Android: the Netflix service could not be reached. Try again later. (-9)

When I disable Blokada, Netflix works again.

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We identified a networking issue which has been resolved.
Perhaps you’re able to connect now?

On Android 12

When the options

  • continuously active VPN
  • Block connections without VPN
    are enabled in the system settings for blokada, bypass app will not work because all apps that try to bypass blokada to access the internet will be blocked by the Android OS.

Is this correct?

Yep this is correct. If you select those options and then bypass an app, this app will have no access to Internet (it may still display some cached content though).