Can't access Netflix USA content

I recently updated to blokada+ v5.18 after which Netflix has stopped displaying USA content with the following error

Here’s a list of options that I player around with:

  1. Installed previous versions of blokada.
    When I did that Netflix just showed my region’s
  2. Set the DNS to cloudfare and blokada.
  3. Reinstalled blokada.
  4. Reinstalled Netflix.
  5. Checked for the IP address location which shows up as the region I selected that is New York.
  6. Checked for DNS leaks which was not the case

I’m current in Android 11 on Mi 10 device with blokada version 5.18

Unfortunatly Netflix has started blocking most VPN providers recently. We’re not aware if a fix to this is possible at this time.

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