Blokada+ not working for Netflix US anymore

So it used to work flawlessly using blokada + 5.16 on Android phone and tablet. Beginning this week I get a Netflix error code (-1000) network thing.
If I disable blokada I can log in no worries.
I also have a protonvpn account and with it it Netflix works.

I’l using blokadadns by the way.

Any idea why? Any potential fix?

Thanks a lot.


I just verified that things should be working fine.
Perhaps you experienced a temporary network issue.

Let me know if you’re still unable to connect and on which location(s).
Also you may use the Blokada Plus support for things like this, either through the app help link or email

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If this is now “internet doesn’t work” instead of “netflix doesn’t work”, lets keep that discussion in your other thread

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Blokadadns and cloud work great. Thanks for that.

Sadly no luck accessing Netflix us. I keep seeing only content from my country on my Android devices.
I guess Netflix is getting more aggressive :frowning:

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