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Hello Blokada Community,
I’m here to ask you help about a problem I had on my smartphone.
Recently I had to install on my phone Microsoft Outlook app to add my business email account, based on Exchange. Unfortunately, with Blokada active, I don’t receive any email, because I think it blocks Microsoft servers (or services). My environment: huawei mate 10 pro with EMUI 9.1 and Blokada 4.10.0 installed with these lists: StevenBlack unified, Energized Blu, Goodbye Ads by Jerryn70, YouTube Ad Bloker by Jerryn70, Phising Army, Exodus Privacy, File host AdAway.
What Could I do? Disable one of these list? Which one? Or Can I add microsoft server into Exclusions? Which servers? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hi there, for starters, please bypass Microsoft Outlook in the app list inside blokada and reboot your device and see if that solved your issue.

Also, AdAway is already included in both Energized Blu and Jerryn’s GoodBye Ads so you can disable that :slight_smile:

Or try adding “Firebase” once you find it in your host log to the whitelist as it may be the culprit for not getting notifications in your app anymore.

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Simply adding MIcrosoft Outlook to exclusions, solved the problem. Many Thanks :+1:

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