Manually Blocked Hosts still allowed

Huawei P20 Lite stock, Android 9 using Blockada 4.15.0 from F-Droid. 4GB RAM, usually around 2GB free. I have followed every step of the “What if I can do if I still see ads?” guide.

I recently decided to try out Blokada 5. I uninstalled v4, tried v5 and had to revert as v5 requires me to use a third-party DNS provider.

After reinstalling v4 none of the manually Blocked Hosts are applied. Blokada is blocking hosts from the Energized Blu list, which is the only one I have enabled (Used to have about five enabled and all worked well).

I’ve tried with and without Smart List (which used to work just fine). I only have about 20 entries in Blocked Hosts and none of the offending apps are excluded. Allowed Hosts is empty.

If anyone could help it’d be appreciated.

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