Issue with DOH

I am using v5.2 downloaded the app from the official website. My device is Mi9T Pro running on MIUI 12 my smartphone isn’t rooted and the private DNS is OFF.

I have problem accessing the websites which are blocked/restricted by my ISP. I have tried every DOH on the list i.e Cloudflare, Google, Digitale Gesellschaft & OpenNIC & I have even tried with non DOH dns but still no luck.
I know it requires a VPN to connect the restricted websites but I could easily connect to the same websites with cloudflare app which is a DNS Changer and I have also tried other app such as BraveDNS( connected to their own DNS) and they work flawlessly. I am only facing this issue with Blokada
I was having the same problem with v5.1 and with v4.x.x( with non DOH dns)

Hi there,
You’ve presented the solution yourself in the Screenshots:
You’re using WARP. WARP is not “just” a DNS Changer it’s a VPN of some sort as well. It’s just not that good.
BraveDNS isn’t just a DNS Changer either. It’s a VPN as well.

You’re trusting both companies with all your data.

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Thanks for the reply but it’s not like I can’t connect to the website with blokada
sometimes I could access the website with multiple refreshes but most of the time it doesn’t work.
I mean I can’t acess the websites 24*7 like other apps

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That may depend on which dns server cloudflare assigns to you


So does that mean there isn’t any permanent solution for this ? Other than opting for Blokada+ to use the VPN feature

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This seems weird, Try sharing log with me.

Okay I have sent you the log please check your inbox

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