(Android) Blokada 5 stops DNS request but log shows it "allowed"

It’s rare but I’ve seen it various times over last few Blokada versions.

Version: 23.1.10
Phone: Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
Downloaded from: blokada.org

What happens: A website will not work, so I go to the “Activity” part of the Blokada app to see if the hostname was blocked, it shows as allowed, so I disable Blokada and then the site works.

I’m happy to provide debug etc, just tell me how. I can reproduce the issue easily. Do I send my log somewhere?

Here’s 2 screenshots taken when the issue is present:

That’s the same evidence for the issue I’ve raised. Looking in the logs it seems a certificate issue.

DNS certificate failure on Android app 5, v23.1.10 blocks all traffic

Actually, I think my problem is just a normal DNS issue. I use Cloudflare as the DNS provider and Cloudflare just simply doesn’t resolve this record but Google DNS does:

$ dig +short www.cedars-sinai.org @
$ dig +short www.cedars-sinai.org @

So case closed for me, at least with this website!

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