Blokada 5 blocking allowed addresses, does not even resolve them


I’ve been using Blokada 5 on my Samsung A52 SM-A525F (regular release, no root or other changes) for quite some years now. Four days ago Blokada 5 suddenly started to block access to some servers. Weather app complained that it lost internet connection and some other apps that I cannot remember. But most importantly access to my own vServer at my hoster is not working anymore.

Four days ago, I “solved” it by updating Blokada 5. I seem to have missed the latest from May 2023. So I downloaded it from Github and installed it. After updating, everything was working again as expected.

However today on 2024-05-03 it started again. It is reproducible: If I disable Blokada it works.

Steps to reproduce:

  • I try to fetch email via FairEmail. It will fail to contact mail server
  • I try to access my own webserver hosted by LosWebOs in browser, in my case Chrome. Chrome states: Website not reachable. DNS address for (actual address redacted) cannot be found.
  • Davx5 cannot sync contacts and calendar on my own server.
  • Checking the Blokada activity log shows mail server and my own server to be allowed and green.
  • If I disable Blokada, I can fetch my mail, sync my contacts and calendar and access my own webserver without issues.

So I tried to switch Blokada DNS to Google or Quad 9. I also disabled “Encrypt DNS” but to no avail.

Is there anything else I can debug to find the root cause?

This sounds similar to Blokada 5.9.0 suddenly started blocking almost everything - #31 by ERRE

Granted, there is no website behind So there’s nothing to show.

But the browser still should be able to resolve that address instead of ending up with an error message.

Funny: After submitting this report and going to sleep, it worked again next morning. I literally have not done anything.


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After updated my Realme 9 to Android 13, I had the same problem described here. Blokada blocks all websites on chrome browser. No problems with blokada 4

Hi, thanks for posting!

Some blocklists can be more aggressive compared to others, can you please share what blocklists you currently have on?

I should have mentioned the used lists but I did not.

Unfortunately I cannot remember anymore and I think I tried out different ones while experiencing the issue.
Usually, I’ve been using 2-4 lists at the same time without issues and OISD was definitively one of them.

Currently I’m only using Goodbye Ads and DuckDuckGo Tracker Radar.

But: I thought of the lists being the culprits too. I assumed that disabling the lists might help. Therefore I disabled all of the activated lists but to no avail. That’s why my next step for testing was disabling Blokada generally.

Thanks for your feedback, my recommendation is to keep only OISD on and build on top of it.

That will allow you to identify the lists that cause the issues.

Keeping OISD on with the right configuration will give you a minimum adblocking score of 80-85%.

I would generally advise against using DuckDuckGo Tracker Radar from the beginning since it can be a little aggressive.