Blokada 5 - Usage Questions

Hi there I have some questions regarding v5 of Blokada if someone could please help.

1.) It’s my understanding that AdGuard DNS supports DoH, as per here:
(Scroll down to ‘Advantages of AdGuard DNS’)
However when I select AdGuard DNS in Blokada it tells me that there is no encryption, compared with other selections such as CloudFlare that do say encrypted.

2.) Is it possible to view the custom blocklist such as domains/addresses that I’ve manually added to the blocklist? This was possible in v4, however I can’t find it in v5. Example, when I’m viewing ‘Activity’ and I add an entry to ‘Add to Blocked’ is there a place I can view all manually blocked entries?

Thanks in advance.

@Andy112 Blokada v5 is in beta phase, all functions from v4 will be ported to v5 in due time.
Regarding DoH, there are some options available in v5. Hopefully, Adguard DoH will be added soon.

You have to have patience.

Edit: Blokada v5 is promoted from beta.


My apologies!! Sorry I thought that v5 was out of beta!

Thanks for your time.

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I stand corrected, Blokada v5 is promoted from beta and is now stable. But it is still new and keep updating.


Yeah, Adguard DNS claims to have DoH support, but I was not able to actually connect to it. That’s why so far we list it only in normal mode.


That’s a shame. Oh well I might stick with CloudFlare DNS for now then as I suspect encrypted DNS traffic is more important (privacy wise) than native ad blocking at a DNS level (AdGuard), seeing as I’ve got enough block lists enabled to cover that :slight_smile: .
Thanks for the reply.


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