[Issue] Blokada VPN connection set as metered


I’m on Android with Blokada v5 free and while it appears to be working as intended, the VPN connection appears to be set as metered. This causes issues with several apps as they are set to only download things on unmetered connections. This appears to be a setting from android and not a Blokada specific issue but there is no way for me to set the connection as unmetered.

Phone characteristics:
OS: Android 10 MIUI
Device: Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro

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Hey there, welcome to the forum:)
did this behavior also occur on Blokada v4?

I have not tried Blokada v4.

Would you mind trying that for us:)?
You can install that version directly from our website. It would be very helpful.

Got v4 from F-Droid and it appears to be working properly. Let me note here that I downloaded Blokada v5 from the site and not the Play Store.

Okay, good to know. Then I recommend using v4 for now and I’ll try to update you when we found the problem:)!

Hey all
I just wanted to say that I’m having the same issue with a different phone.
Device: Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite
OS: Android 10 (without MIUI, here I have Android One)

I’m not using Blokada+, if this helps.

For me it’s not a huge problem, I think I’ll stay with v5. If you need logs, feel free to ask @c_C

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Hey @cami:),
Do you remember whether that happened on v4 as well?

No, on v4 this didn’t happen. I saw the issue the first time in v5.

For me it’s not such a big problem as I don’t care if apps respect the metered connection or not as I have unlimited mobile data.

Okay, fantastic, thank you very much for the information:)!

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Just for the record:
Blokada v5.4 ships the fix, using the app isn’t longer recognised as metered network.