Blokada keeps disconnecting on MIUI 12.5

I’ve installed Blokada 5 recently on my Poco X3 running Android 11 based MIUI 12.5. It works fine for a while but the vpn keeps turning off and I thought i could solve it by turning off battery optimization and locking the app in the recents menu but it doesn’t work. Then i tried turning on always on vpn and then i added the quick settings title but even that doesn’t help. The vpn just keeps disconnecting randomly and hence i get no adblocking. The one thing I’ve noticed is that whenever i open the quick settings panel the vpn reconnects but after some time it disconnects until i reopen the quick settings panel which has the blokada quick settings tile. I’ve have a free account btw.

Have you enabled “Keep alive” inside blokada’s settings?

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Yes it is enabled and it problem still persists. It just keeps on disconnecting and reconnecting randomly.

Just do double-check: You already did all this?

Thanks for replying but I’ve already double and triple checked it and i checked it again and all of these settings have been enabled by me but it still doesn’t work properly. Ps i checked it once more to be sure with the same end result. Thank you

Also I’ve noticed that it happens whenever i switch apps. When i open a new app blokada just disconnects although it does sometimes reconnect by itself but mostly it stays disconnected until i open the app or the quick settings panel which has the blokada quick settings tile. The blokada app is pinned in my recent btw

Redmi 9T, MIUI 12.0.12, rechecked everything, still have your same issue: most of the time it reconnects by itself after a few seconds of showing the “key” for disconnected VPN but at least once a day I have to open the app and force reconnect. Using 5.18.0.

Unfortunately that’s a miui thing. It does that to each and every vpn application I tried.
Blokada cloud should be the way out if you have a blokada plus subscription.
I don’t know anything else right now but I’ll keep looking for different solutions

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I’ll try to search in the miui forums for a solution and if i find it I’ll post it here. Thanks for replying

Good luck :slight_smile:
I’ve been digging a lot myself in the past and didn’t find anything helpful

If it happens with all VPNs then I’m not sure it makes sense to try the cloud option.
Maybe I could script a reconnect via Tasker, hmmm

Cloud doesn’t use vpn adblocking anymore, hence miui can’t kill it

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