Blockada 5 disconnecting VPN

I’ve started with Blokada 5 I guess a few years ago. The first months or year I had no problems whatsoever, everything worked perfectly. And at some point after an update, I can’t even remember when exactly or which update, Blokada started to lose it’s VPN connection every now and then. I just accepted this annoyance and hoped it would be solved in a next update.
But it never got better, despite several updates. The lasts months it has become extremely annoying as almost every time my phone is idle for a while the VPN connection is dropped. And more often it can’t even be restarted normally as the Blokada screen freezes, or reacts with a long delay.
I have “keep connection on” selected, I have deleted and recreated the VPN profile, locked the Blokada process in recent apps, disabled all battery optimization options.
And, I haven’t updated my OS for a long time, especially since I’m not into surprises as long as everything works. So the problems started without an OS Update.

I suspect my phone (Oppo Find X2 Pro) just kills the process when idle?
ColorOS 12.1 (Android 12) no custom ROM
Blokada downloaded from official website.

This is probably related to your device, if you run too many blocklists at the same time it is possible that your device shuts down Blokada because your phone’s memory can’t manage all the lists.

I’d recommend trying to reduce the amount of the blocklists to just OISD and see if that resolves your issue.

The best solution here is running Blokada 6 instead of Blokada 5 which will definitely solve your issue.

Thanks for the quick reply. Gonna try right away because I indeed had quite a few Blocklist active.

I’m hesitant to use Blokada 6 for not having whitelisting. Certain apps will not work with Blokada (banking and valetudo for my vacuum cleaner). Or can I easily switch Blokada 6 off in these cases?

First day:

I’ve disabled all but the OISD Blocklist. Installed a memory monitoring app that shows my memory usage is around approximately 50% continuously.

But still VPN connection drops 9 out of 10 times when the phone is idle for a certain time.

Additionally, I noticed that overnight it remains active. So it’s no deep sleep issue.

ok so you have your:

:white_check_mark: battery optimization settings configured

:white_check_mark: only OISD running

:white_check_mark: Always on VPN is active on your device settings

:white_check_mark: Keep-alive is set to “yes” on your Blokada settings

I’ll need your log to check this further, can you please send it over at ?

Exactly, will send the log right away.
Thanks for taking the time.


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