How to save Blokada's log for analysis

Blokada writes a log file while it is running, saving the things that happen under the hood with the application. Sometimes you need this log file to see why the VPN is disconnected, why it drains your battery, how much times was the VPN channel restarted. To save this log file, follow the below steps:

  1. In Blokada, open the settings, choose About Blokada
  2. Choose Share log
  3. A window pops up and it allows you to choose which application you want to use to share the log. Here, search for the file browser you use. It varies on every device, use the one you prefer to see the files on your phone.
  4. Browse your device or SD card and choose a directory where you want to save the log file
  5. Choose Select or Save, depending on your system and device

Now, open the file browser you use and navigate to the directory where you saved the text file and open it.

Hint: it is much easier to read and navigate in this file on a laptop or PC.