Chromebook - VPN blocks all traffic

Chromebook, latest updates. Blokada Slim-latest from PlayStore.

  1. Blokada works perfectly until VPN is turned on - then it blocks all internet traffic.
    Have tried changing all sorts of settings in chromebook as well as Blokada.
  2. Cannot copy logs to clipboard.
    Does anyone use a chromebook?
    Thank you!

Blokada cannot work without vpn permissions. Make sure to turn private dns off

Heyhey and welcome to the forum:)
About the second problem: you can also Share the log as file if you tap on the three dots in the top right corner. Then select share log. Does that work?

  1. Yes thanks! I just learned from Karol to turn off private dns - in the Chrome browser. That worked.
  2. Thanks. Sharing/copying logs does not work via any of the methods. They will not copy to clipboard. Something is blocking that action. But thank you for your inout!

Hm… I did not yet encounter this problem on v5. Please reboot your phone and try again. Does anything change?

Chromebook seems to be different in this regard, I don’t think we can do anything about it.

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