Cloud vs. Chromebook - making progress but cannot complete the setup

Still trying to use Blokada Cloud on Chromebook (OS102) - making progress.
I uninstalled the Blokada 5 app, updated the cloud app (from Playstore), and rebooted.
Using chrome flags, I was able to reactivate 2 DNS settings. In ChromeOS settings > Security and Privacy > Use secure DNS > Custom - I can now paste the hostname provided by the current cloud app (from Playstore).
But, the cloud app setup still wants me to “Activate DNS profile”.

  • So, I cannot continue the cloud app setup to get to any options.

Can you please fix this?
FYI: The adblocker test shows 100% so something is working. But, I’d really like to be able to use the VPN also.

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Also: ChromeOS has the option to input custom name servers. Does Blokada VPN have a nameserver address I can input there?

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Via Blokada Dashboard, you can have a custom DNS generated in the website and paste it to the Custom DNS settings on Chrome OS. Would that also trigger the “Activate DNS profile” notification?

Then, you can generate a config file for creating a VPN profile in the settings (native support of Wireguard), so you woudln’t even need the app. But this step I am unable to finish, the connect button is still greyed out. Let me know if you’d pass the step somehow! :slight_smile:

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Thank you. How do I get a custom DNS generated? The only option I can find is to generate a hostname. I have that input into chrome. I’m looking for a nameserver address for the blokada VPN.

Sorry, mixed the names up. I got the hostname, pasted it in Use secure DNS and just use it. It should apply all the blocklists you have enabled in Blokada Dashboard. Not sure you can actually create a custom DNS.

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You can check whether or not it’s actually working on You can manage your lists and exceptions there as well.
Regarding the android app…
You’re the only one we’ve found who’s trying to run an android (phone) app on a ChromeOS notebook. It might be possible that that differs a lot to android 12. If you want to you may send a log to with a reference to your post here, otherwise the official wireguard client might be a way worth looking into

I’ll leave this post opened for more ChromeOS users to participate :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yes, ad blocking on the chromebook is working according to [].
IS there an easy tutorial for newbies on how to set up a wireguard client on a Chromebook and set up the blokada vpn?

It’s basically: Create a config on, download that and put it into your wireguard client which can be found here:
Installation - WireGuard

Thank you!

count me as another Chromebook user that’s trying to get an Android application working on a Chromebook.

A note here. I suspect the reason we’re trying to do what we’re doing is that it’s the only option I’m aware of for us. If I’m mistaken and there’s another route that is supported/easier/etc. I would abandon going the APK route in a flash.

I don’t know about OP but my chromebook is x86 (Pixelbook). So, if there’s a way to put Blokada on a non-Windows x86_64 machine, Please - do tell.

Thanks in advance.
-Another Chromebook user

PS - I’m not partial to going the Wireguard route myself because the whole reason I purchased Blokada Cloud in the first place was so that I could use it in conjunction with my proper VPN, which I use 9/10 times via Wireguard.

Hi there, do you by any change have a similar guide/tip for setting up the VPN on ChromeOS manually via the settings?

You replied me to another post with similar link, but there is no option for Chrome OS/Flex. When you install via Linux that would encrypt just the Linux part, when using the Chrome Flex, you cannot install Android apps.

I cannot still wrap my head around why it is not possible to finish setup of VPN in the settings. Seems like some information is missing in the config file from Blokada Dashboard.


I would’ve been in touch with you if I found something like that.
We’ll keep digging.

I don’t think there’s something missing to the config file if it’s fulfilling its intended purpose

It’s not possible to use Blokada Cloud by changing the WireGuard settings for connecting via a 3rd party VPN provider.

However on Android, it’s possible to still use the private dns settings because android will prioritize this over the vpn profile settings.

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True. At least for proper Android however, ChromeOS, while resembling and sharing a great deal of functionlity, etc. with Android, falls short in this regard. I can’t be sure but it almost seems like the “advanced” network configuration options are what they were for Android 9; possbly even earlier. Which leads me to believe it will be possible to properly cofigure the Network Settings properly and in acordance with Blockafda Cloud’s requirements, but when is anybody’s guess. In the interim, I’m hoping there’s a solution to be found that can bridge the gap much sooner. I wonder if I used something like personalDNSfilter, if I’d be able to make any headway? I’ll have to give that a shot. I see this thread is marked solved so I suppose if I see any measure of success, I’ll start anew thread to share what I’ve found, how to repeat/replicate, etc.


Just continue using this thread please.

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Please see my posting above about enabling 2 DNS chrome flags, thus allowing for pasting the hostname (from the Blokada Cloud app - setup). This provides full ad blocking. If you are focused on getting the VPN working on ChromeOS, then, sorry, that’s what I’ve been trying to figure out.

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Awesome, thank you very much. I must have misread your original post about those flags or equated your continued efforts at getting the VPN working as indicators that you were still trying to get ad blocking functioning, but I’m super appreciative of you for sharing!

I’ll give your suggestions a whirl within the hour

Out of curiosity, is it necessary to delete the Blockada5 app in order to get everything working? Mostly just a curiosity as now that you’ve given me a solution that will provide a fully functioning Blokada Cloud app, I can delete Blockada5 without much hesitation, but I’m genuinely curious if they can coexist. I see absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t be able to, outside of considerations that might be a factor for Blokada as an organization but from a technical perspective, the fact that they both use different approaches leads me to think that there should be no actual issue with having them both on the same device as long as only one is active at a time

Both apps offer blokada plus and for that need vpn permission.
Hence they cannot co-exist if you decide to use Blokada+

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You don’t actually mention which flags you enabled. I went in and enabled the only 2 flags that came back when searching “DNS,” despite the fact that they didn’t strike me as having any impact on my ability/inability to get Cloud working. I could be wrong but after a restart, I’m still seemingly unable to make any progress or so much as submit the DNS name as provided by Blokada. It’s denied before I can ever hit save/enter/submit.

Any guidance would be very appreciated!