Cloud vs. Chromebook - making progress but cannot complete the setup

Still trying to use Blokada Cloud on Chromebook (OS102) - making progress.
I uninstalled the Blokada 5 app, updated the cloud app (from Playstore), and rebooted.
Using chrome flags, I was able to reactivate 2 DNS settings. In ChromeOS settings > Security and Privacy > Use secure DNS > Custom - I can now paste the hostname provided by the current cloud app (from Playstore).
But, the cloud app setup still wants me to “Activate DNS profile”.

  • So, I cannot continue the cloud app setup to get to any options.

Can you please fix this?
FYI: The adblocker test shows 100% so something is working. But, I’d really like to be able to use the VPN also.

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Also: ChromeOS has the option to input custom name servers. Does Blokada VPN have a nameserver address I can input there?

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