Cloud no longer works on ChromeOS 101?

I was using Cloud on Chromebook successfully for a couple of months. Today, I checked and noticed that AdBlocker Test showed only 56% blocking! I found that the settings for:
“Privacy and security → Security, In the Advanced section, enable Use secure DNS, Select With: Custom, then paste your hostname”
are no longer available in Chrome.
It seems that ChromeOS changed/removed some of those options recently.
I searched through all available settings to find a work-around - none was found.
***How can I use Blokada Cloud on a Chromebook now?
ALSO: I reinstalled the Blokada app, but it will not activate (download) any blocklists - so I have no protection now (PLUS account). (Update- I got the blocklists to load.)

  1. Log into your Chromebook and click the system tray at the bottom right of your display.
  2. From that popup, click the gear icon to open the Settings app.
  3. In the resulting window click Security and Privacy.
  4. In the Security and Privacy section, you’ll see the Use secure DNS option.
  5. Click the ON/OFF slider for Use secure DNS until it’s in the ON position.

You can then enter your blokada cloud address in there

According to the web article I found this approach does work on ChromeOS 103.0.5045.0
Feel free to report back if that isn’t the case for you.

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@PrintableCharacter: Thank you so much for your efforts - much appreciated! But, doesn’t work. I just upgraded to ChromeOS 102 and the required settings are still unavailable. I even searched for “DNS” in the settings and explored all options. 102 is the latest stable channel. If someone said this worked for 103, then they’re using the DEV channel and I tend to doubt that Google would have restored the Secure DNS option. But, I’ll wait and see. Meanwhile, I’m using the Blokada app again. Looking forward to Cloud app! Thank you!

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