I have no connectivity on Chromebook with Blokada on

You just have to turn off Secure DNS (also known as Private DNS).

How to turn off Secure DNS in a Chromebook:

  1. In the chrome BROWSER hit settings (3 dots upper right). Do NOT go into Chrome OS settings.

  2. Click PRIVACY AND SECURITY (left column)

  3. Click SECURITY

  4. Scroll down and uncheck USE SECURE DNS

Now your connectivity should work just fine.


Here is a simple explanation of what’s going on.

Android integration with Chrome OS is still being worked on heavily because trying to run a platform on a platform (like using Wine (A compatibility layer that allows the execution of Windows Applications) on a Linux computer) is still pretty difficult. This issue is not a problem because of Blokada, but rather with the Android Runtime instead.

TL;DR: This solution works but android apps on Chromebooks are still pretty buggy. :slightly_frowning_face: