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Blokada’s missings

Request: Please add an option for checking for updates for the app

Request: Option for viewing the full URL of every URL detected and listed on the task list if that is possible, not just the website or domain

Bug: Problems with saving a copy of the logs of “My blocklists” section in the “Advanced” column (the user-made blocklist)

Request: Stop the auto swiping that takes you to the top that occurs once you make any changes in the “My Blocklists” section. It costs the user sometime to get back to the position where he made changes

Bug: Problems with saving a copy of the logs of the task list where all device’s connections are detected and listed

Request: Please consider changing some titles in the app and use more serious titles instead of these very simplified titles. For example, change “Activity” to Task list. Change ‘bypassed’ that appears when whitelisting an app in the “Apps” section to Whitelisted. Make the ‘Time’ in the URL details on the task list more tidier by placing the time in a row, and the date in a row

Request: Allow highlighting or make the text visible for highlighting for all the URLs in “My blocklists” section

Request: Option for importing and exporting logs for “My blocklists” section. Maybe the developers can decide a specific format for the user-made blocklist of “My blocklists” in order to avoid any issue

Bug: I believe that Blokada does not function properly when it is on the battery saving mode, and it does not detect connections properly from some apps and that will leak user’s data to a spyware company like google. Adding a warning for excluding Blokada from the battery saving mode is recommended if this bug is going to continue

Request: Option for blocking full internet access for all apps, and for specific apps the user can choose from

Request: Option for blocking the IPv6 address, local and public IP addresses (if that is possible for the unregistered users of Blokada)

Request: Possibility of adding an option for blocking specific URLs, only for specific apps. Like the uMatrix add-on, it offers an option for blocking JavaScript and web elements from 1st party and 3rd party domains, either for all sites with the ‘global-level scope’ option or only for specific domains with the ‘domain-level scope’ option. Let me explain what I mean by mentioning this reference. JavaScript refers to URLs. Global-level scope refers to all apps. And domain-level scope refers to specific apps

Request: Possibility of adding a feature for detecting which app exactly has attempted to make a connection or from which app was that URL requested from

Bug: The OSID blocklist that comes enabled by default in the app has many faults and failures, and it is not capable of being a blocklist for the normal user whatsoever. Blokada is a privacy app and I assume that it is not made to forfeit its purpose for the casualties of many dumb and ignorant individuals who favors to be fully dependent on companies or services like facebook, messenger, tiktok or whatever. If those individuals ever encounter any inconvenience while using Blokada, then maybe they have to consider whitelisting some URLs until they reach the result that seems best with them. I want to assure the team that Energized Ultimate is a really great and a very reasonable blocklist unlike any other, and it totally befits the purpose of the amazing project of Blokada. Here are some websites for testing the functionality of a blocklist and also for comparing Energized Ultimate with any other blocklist…

Oxford English Dictionary Online - definition of Oxford English Dictionary Online by The Free Dictionary

Home : Oxford English Dictionary


Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries | Find meanings and definitions of words


Right below is just a description for oxford’s status (Not related to the thing but…)

The list continues…

Free On-Line English Dictionary | Thesaurus | Children’s, Intermediate Dictionary | Wordsmyth


Vocabulary.com - Learn Words - English Dictionary

Dictionary by Merriam-Webster: America’s most-trusted online dictionary

Definitions, Meanings, Synonyms, and Grammar by Oxford Dictionary on Lexico.com

Dictionary.com | Meanings and Definitions of Words at Dictionary.com

Urban Dictionary, July 12

Collins Online Dictionary | Definitions, Thesaurus and Translations

French ↔ English Translator with EXAMPLES | Collins

Longman English Dictionaries | Meanings, thesaurus, collocations and grammar


Cambridge Dictionary | English Dictionary, Translations & Thesaurus

SYSTRAN Translate


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PROMT.One Translator


Reverso : mobile translation


DeepL Translate: The world’s most accurate translator

Translate with babylon - Online translation


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搜狗翻译 - 我的贴身智能翻译专家


Bug: I believe that Energized Ultimate doesn’t fully download when opening the details of the Energized tab then setting the configuration to Ultimate then removing the Blu that comes pinned by default. And the app might be downloading that blocklist in groups, and not in one file as a whole. That will certainly cause inconvenience and further issues for the users

Request: Please show a progress bar either in the app or in the notification bar, or may be in both of them while downloading a blocklist provided. Progression bar is very important to make users avoid an issue like the one above

Bug: Further problems with downloading Energized, especially with Energized Ultimate. Problems like, many URLs that were used to be blocked before from that blocklist were all reset and unblocked as if there were no blocklist enabled at all, although that blocklist was shown as enabled. All these issues with downloading Energized has only started when the developers replaced it with the OSID blocklist and set it as the default blocklist

Request: I use another VPN called Glasswire Premium to ensure that no connection reaches google from the google filth services app that I simply can’t disable. I find it abusing to my privacy and that is why I always turn on Glasswire VPN that blocks internet access for all apps, but I exclude Blokada from being blocked before turning on my wifi. Then I launch Blokada and wait for a while until the data meter of Glasswire shows that Blokada has done some data consumption that could be for a presumably auto blocklist update. Once done, I turn off Glasswire VPN and in a blink of an eye, I switch from that window to this window to turn on the Blokada VPN to make sure no connection reaches google at all. I do all this on the beginning of every day. I know that there are hidden google connections that is out of the user’s district that can not be disabled except by De-googling your phone or by installing a new private operating system like the CalyxOS or the /e/OS. But it is still good to fight back if you can. I totally depend on my user-made blocklist to block those filthy google domains because many of those domains are not blocked on some of the blocklists provided. So please understand the situation that not all can trust their operating systems and not all can obtain a private operating systems due to the inexperience with new operating systems, and many users have to use two VPNs or another VPN beside Blokada to establish some privacy and to keep control of their data

Request: Please add an option for whether Blokada should update your Blocklists automatically or manually. That will certainly make users avoid many issues while using Blokada because many users prefer connecting to another VPN to ensure that internet access is blocked for all apps except for Blokada while there is a presumable auto update for a blocklist in the background. It will also be great if the developers add a ‘Check for Update’ option beside every blocklist enabled in your Blocklists section

Request: Please improve the sensitivity level of the VPN activation button. Because every time you switch from an app to blokada, you might accidentally tap the activation button thinking that you are just on the task list trying to scroll up to view the newly detected connections, and that makes Blokada deactivate by mistake. That will definitely leak some data by an untrusted app on your device to a tracker or a spyware company in a matter of seconds. So please make that button gets only affected by one exact tap and not by swiping or by touching and dragging

Request: An option for showing the status of any URL on the task list whenever you open the details of a URL that made connection on your device. It will be very useful if there was description that tells you whether that URL is blocked on this and that blocklist you have added. This damned and tracker domain for example, beacon.shazam.com, report.appmetrica.yandex.net, static.cloudflareinsights.com, app-measurement.com, firebase-settings.crashlytics.com, firebaseremoteconfig.googleapis.com, settings.crashlytics.com, or firebaseinstallations.googleapis.com is blocked on this and that blocklist you have added. Even if you have whitelisted a URL that is blocked on a blocklist in your blocklists section, it will be great if there was a description that informs you about the status of that URL

Request: I ask the developers to strengthen the keys or the code of their app. I have no idea why I am saying that but since that update that brings the ‘Encrypt DNS’ feature enabled by default, many doubts just came to the mind and were not forgotten

Bug: There is a problem with the ‘Encrypt DNS’ feature in the ‘All networks’ tab in the “Networks” section in the “Advanced” column. Whenever you turn on Blokada VPN with that feature enabled, all connections on the device becomes totally blocked. The apps will still attempt to make connections once you launch some of them and the URLs will show up on the task list, but there are no connections sent or received at all. Device is Huawei Nova 5T, operating system is android 10. I honestly found this feature useful when I can’t guarantee if some specific URLs are blocked on the blocklist enabled, and I want to make sure that they are blocked before I launch a new app. If that was a bug, then it will be a good thing if the developers add an option for blocking all the connections or internet access on the device instead. If not, then it is recommended for the ‘Encrypt DNS’ feature to come disabled by default because back then I had to keep using an earlier version of blokada (5.8.0) and every time an update was released, I find that all the connections on my device are blocked for no reason while running the Blokada VPN and I didn’t know the reason until then. That caused me some stress and disappointment and made me think that this app was compromised by some corporation and that wasn’t a good thought at all since I was fully dependent on this app

Request: Please get rid of that new activation button that looks absurd, weird, and unnerving. I usually recommend Blokada for people from my age and most of them are children who will definetely find that new design unpleasant. Change that button immediately and return the previous one or may be the old one that used to be in earlier versions. Also change its color from that dark blue that stresses the eyes to orange or dark volcanic red… Like Blokada among tracker and spyware companies!!

Also, I would like to let the team know that many people are fully dependent on your app because it is one of the best ways to fight and end surveillance and spyware. I think I have covered most of the features that a great privacy app like Blokada has to offer. And I assure the team if those bugs and requests were taken in the consideration, Blokada will be the default app in every privacy phone and operating system in the world. Like the Linux Phone, the GrapheneOS, the CalyxOS, and the /e/OS by the eFoundation. I am sorry if I can’t contribute either with financial or technical support to the great young ambitioned team of Blokada! But one day I will surely do my best to come up with something special like Blokada. Thank you!

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Just tap on the version info of the app if you’ve downloaded it from out website.

We opted against that since this specific term could be seen as racist due to its origins.

Basically a firewall: Can we have a firewall feature

Why? How should that benefit the user?

That’s very hard to do due to the fact that android doesn’t disclose which app connects to what domain anymore

Android keeps this information hidden more and more

Feel free to discuss this with the list maintainer.

Would you mind being more specific? Feel free to contribute as well. Blokada is an open source community project

Holy… Great wall of text

I have no idea how to write my message the same way as you wrote yours, but…

Concerning the ‘Checking for updates’ topic…

I don’t know where exactly is that. Just add an option for checking for updates for Blokada. Why wouldn’t you add that?

Concerning the Whitelist term…

Thank you for letting me know. I wasn’t aware of how that term was used from the beginning. But, bypassed is still not the right term to be used here

Concerning the local IP, public IP, and IPv6 address topic…

I am sorry there was a mistake. I wanted to say, if Blokada blocks the IPv6 address and the local IP address, that will definitely reduce the damage of spyware and mass surveillance. So instead of having your local IP and IPv6 addresses stored in a tracker or a spyware company along with your Public IP address, they will have only your Public IP which will lead to nobody, or at least it will be inaccurate because it is possible for the Public IP to be changed from a user to another by your ISP company. Unlike the local IP and the IPv6 addresses that can be permanent. So, it is recommended to offer an option for blocking the local IP address and the IPv6 address for both the unregistered and the registered users of Blokada. And set it as enabled by default

Concerning the Blocklist topic…

Convey me to the person who decides the default blocklist or offer a place for the users to vote for which blocklist should be the default blocklist of Blokada

@PrintableCharacter just told you… Settings->This Device. scroll down and tap the version info (Blokada 5: official channel).
If there is a new version, it will pop up (it’s not saying anything if you are up to date)

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It is more like a text written, it doesn’t look like an option at all. It is just confusing and unclear, and there should be a ‘Check for updates’ option instead of that so the users can find it easily

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