Can we have a firewall feature

Can we have a firewall feature in the app for ios and Android, that can use the VPN service to set a white and black list of apps that can get access to the internet. Or to monitor the network and ask to allow or deny the access from any app.

This is done by other apps like netgaurd and noroot firewall but they don’t have adblocking nor do they have VPN. And you can’t run more than one VPN at a time, so if blockada has this it would be the app that gives all the privacy features.

Thank you


At the moment a firewall is out of the question due to lack of developers, as firewall implementation requires a lot of work.

You can load any Energized or Host-based list off GitHub into NetGuard if you want both a firewall & an adblocker.

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IMO having too many features with a security app can cause problems, conflicts and information overload for the user.
K - Keep
I - It
S - Simple
S - Stupid. :wink:

will there network firewall features comes in future update if so it would be helpfull

   thank you