[Feature Request?] Blocking a specific app entirely

This might have been suggested before. Once upon a time, I used to use an app called NoRoot Firewall, which can selectively cut off internet from apps using the VPN functionality. I really like that, because I don’t want any app that doesn’t need internet, to send any requests. Some phone manufacturers (like Xiaomi) provide the option to cut off internet from specific apps, but for the devices I use - Samsung devices - you only get the option to restrict background data. Hence, the need to use such an app arises.

However, since NoRoot Firewall also uses the VPN feature to cut off internet from the apps, I can’t use it along with Blokada. On my rooted device, I simply use a root firewall app, and achieve the trick along with Blokada. But I have devices I must keep unrooted and unmodified, hence, I would immensely appreciate if Blokada implemented the feature of only allowing requests from whitelisted apps, like in NoRoot Firewall, along with the existing blocking features.

You could respond to my thread with, “just block the requests that app sends”, but this isn’t a real solution, as for example, I could want to allow play.googleapis.com requests ONLY within Google Play, and not outside (as it is needed for Google Play to work, but is used by other apps and blocking it doesn’t really break anything aside from Google Play).

The point is, many apps don’t ever need to connect to the internet, so why let them?

Thank you.


I agree this feature is a good thing to have.

However this is not technically possible to implement on all versions of Blokada and on all devices.
Like you say it’s also already available out of the box on some devices and you can already block specific domains.

Because of this, we don’t have this feature on our near term road map.

I’d like to add that you can most certainly still use “NoRoot” together with Blokada Cloud to get both worlds, since Blokada Cloud no longer requires the VPN functionality. There’s a one week free trial to see if it does indeed work as you would like it.

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